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The “BIG Game”

Cornerstone has been busy in preparation for the “Big Game” this weekend. Click below for some highlights of our work at MetLife Stadium.

You are no doubt aware that there will be a major sporting event this weekend in our home state of New Jersey. We are unable to tell you the name of the event because it is trademarked, but we will assume you have an idea of what we’re referring to.
Here at Cornerstone, we have been working hard for the past three years in preparation for the big game. We are fortunate to have completed over 15 projects at MetLife Stadium for a variety of clients. Projects include work directly for the stadium as well as branding for some well know corporations.
In addition to the two projects featured here, our completed work includes; offices for the “big game” host committee, medical replay room, and ticket booth alterations. We have done several branding projects and signage installations for Chase Bank, Bud Light, Tostitos, and Toyota.
We are proud that this event is taking place in our home state and we feel privilege to have had the opportunity to work on these projects.
Please also take a quick read of the “BIG Game” special edition of our newsletter and we hope you enjoy watching the game on Sunday!