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Cornerstone Architectural Group Participates in CANstruction Competition

Cornerstone participated in New Jersey’s 2010 CANstruction event at the Prudential Center Arena in Newark this past November. CANstruction is an event where design, engineering, and construction companies create sculptures out of canned food and compete for best design, structural ingenuity, best use of labels etc. The sculptures are dismantled after judging and the food is donated to local food banks just in time for Thanksgiving. This year one of the themes was Newark and Cornerstone built a 10’ flag waving over Military Park. Historically, Military Park was used as a location to recruit and train troops in Newark. The sculpture was over 3000 cans and weighed over 1.5 tons. This year’s event resulted in a record amount, over 45,000 pounds of food, that was donated to local food banks. Cornerstone whole heartedly THANKS all of our participants and sponsors. Click on the photo above and please support them too. Special Thanks to Steve Soriano and Classic Elegance Caterers for doing all the “heavy lifting”!