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Previously, we announced that 2012 marks Cornerstone’s 25th year in practice. One might say that we’ve had enough “practice” and that we should finally start getting down to “business”! In this blog post, titled “8701”, we’d like to share an image of the rendering of Cornerstone’s very first project. Job Number 8701, or “256 Hamilton Street” as we more aptly called it back then. It was, and still is today, a modest 2 story, 5,191 square foot Mixed Use Retail / Office building in Somerset, NJ. Our first client was H.O.B. Enterprises, and more important than that, was that the “H” and the “B” were our first accountant and our first attorney; Richard Heller and Hebert Bernstein. While no longer with us, we’d like to honor their memory and publically thank them 25 years later for helping the “Cornerstone Boys” get started, and for the faith and trust they put in us on their first development project also! While we went on to do many more projects that were much larger and more complex in nature over the ensuing two and a half decades, one can never forget their “First”! Thank You Dick & Herbie